The Resignation Of Eve: What If Adam's Rib Is No Longer Willing To Be The Church's Backbone?The Resignation Of Eve: What If Adam’s Rib Is No Longer Willing To Be The Church’s Backbone? by Jim Henderson

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I wasn’t too impressed with this book. I am a woman and ordained pastor within my denomination. I understand the point that Jim is trying to bring up, about women not be given equal status when it comes to ministering. He writes about statistics showing that women are leaving the church and deciding to follow Christ without the institution but I don’t believe the reason is due to inequality. Barna research statistics posit that the current institutionalized western church is slowly dying. People, in general, are choosing to leave the church but still follow Christ. Througout my years of leadership, I have seen pastors who lack accountability and abuse their power to make themselves comfortable. There is an unhealthy hierarchy within many churches that seem to benefit those at the top level. Often times, other staff pastors are not valued at as real pastors simply because they don’t carry the title of lead pastor. The other reason I believe we are seeing a slowly dying church is because we have created our own sub-culture that causes unbelievers to feel out of place. They simply don’t fit in. We send our children to Christian schools and we homeschool to further keep ourselves in our own protective bubble, separating ourselves from those who aren’t like us, therefore becoming disengaged from the rest of society. In my opinion, the problems we are seeing with inequality within the church stem from an abuse of power. It’s spiritual abuse! It’s a control issue and I believe anyone in a leadership position is susceptible to fall into its trap without accountability. I know Jim’s book was to specifically address this issue as it relates to women, but it doesn’t end there. I guess that’s why I wasn’t impressed. It’s a much bigger issue than a women’s rights issue

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