If you’re a Christian, it is easy to assume that you have heard or read Jesus’ “great commission” found in Matthew 28:19-20; “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” NIV

Even though Jesus was speaking to his disciples, it wasn’t just for them. These words are for everyone who calls themselves a follower of Christ. Many times people think; “that is a pastor’s job” or “I’m not smart enough to do that.” Both of those statements are very far from the truth.

Recently my husband and I had a conversation with our
third-grade son about this very subject. We have talked with our kids frequently about sharing their faith, but this time I was taken aback by what my son said.

Here is what he told us:

Telling people about Jesus is very easy. I bring my Bible to school every day to read during reading time. When I’m not reading it, I leave it on top of my desk where people can see it. Many times people get curious and ask if they can read it. I tell them sure and when they read it, they get interested and ask questions about it. Then I tell them about Jesus and what he’s done for them. After that I ask them if they want their own Bible and I bring them one the next day. Sometimes other people hear us talking and ask if they can have one too. It’s really easy.” – Kaden

What amazes me is the fact that my son, on his own, has come up with an organic strategy to reach his friends with the gospel. He doesn’t just stop at giving out Bibles either. He waits until he is at recess or on the bus to teach his friends how to live out their faith and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Teachers have told me that he is one of the most liked boys in class and it’s because of his genuine love and compassion for people. Over the past two years, there has been such a demand for Bibles that we have had to start ordering them in bulk.

When my children were toddlers I was determined to home school them, but when my daughter was about to start kindergarten my husband and I felt the Lord calling our family to be a light in dark places. (1 John 1) We enrolled our kids in public school and since then we have prayed with them every day before school, that they would be salt and light to everyone they encounter. (Matt 5:13-16)

I am so glad that we were obedient, but I am mostly proud of my son’s example. He puts many of us to shame. If a third grader can come up with an organic and effective strategy for making disciples, shouldn’t we be able to do the same? Making disciples is not a process of forcing the Gospel on others. It is a process of loving people and sharing the “good news” in attractive, positive ways.

I guess the question we need to ask ourselves is…

Do we really care?