I absolutely love this Father’s Day video. I have watched it about 10 times and each time I laugh so hard, I have to wipe the tears from my watering eyes. If you are a parent, I know you can relate to this video. We all love our children, but they have an innate ability to put us over the edge – waiting until we are on an important phone call to start fighting, asking for us to buy them 10 different things while shopping or waiting until 9 pm to tell us they have a big school project due the next day. Sometimes the demands of life can cause us to make mistakes while raising those precious gifts called “our children.”

Sometimes we feel like failures if our babies don’t sleep through the night, if our toddlers won’t eat their vegetables, if a teacher sends a note home for misbehavior or if our teenagers start to rebel. To be honest, the pressure we place on ourselves to be perfect parents is unrealistic and unhealthy. Sometimes we carry around way too much guilt because we feel like we’re always messing up.

The wonderful thing about parenting is that we don’t have to be perfect for our kids to turn out okay. Proverbs 10:12 says, “Love covers over all wrongs.” When we love our kids, tell them when we’ve messed up and ask for their forgiveness, it’s amazing the grace given to us as parents. The best parents aren’t those who look like they have it all together. The best parents are those who make mistakes while modeling a life of following Christ.